Oct 19, 2021 Minutes

Oct 19th UHNC Board Meeting minutes:

  • Present: Liz, Jenny, Steve, Sherry, Terry, Kim, Arjay, JM

  • Community Clean-up day discussed with interest to focus on the North end of the Neighborhood, Iliff to Evans. Decision was made to wait until after the holidays so a date in early 2022, likely February, will be decided upon and announced at the next meeting.

    • It was introduced that maybe the RNO produce business cards that can be handed out both at the cleanup day and throughout the neighborhood while on walks and when running into new neighbors etc. A vote was taken on the budget for the cards and $30 was agreed upon with no opposition.

Voting item introduced:

  • Should the UHNC add RNO support to the newly formed Unhoused Action Coalition to push Denver to act faster on addressing solutions to getting Denver’s unhoused off the streets and into safer locations? See statement

    • It was decided that the attendees would look further into this topic and share the statement of the UAC with neighbors so more voices could be present or represented at our next meeting to vote on whether UHNC would support the UAC and promote it to neighboring RNOs. There was concern brought up that the goal of the UAC was to support the Group Living Amendment, but there is no relation between the two.

Upcoming engagement opportunities – talked through the reminders below

  • Neighborhood Watch training, October 19th 6pm, in person at the Dist 3 police station RSVP D3neighborhoodwatch@denvergov.org

  • YMCA community meeting to understand the needs of the community, Oct 26th 5:30pm - 7:00pm at the Schlessman Y. In person SIGN UP or Virtual REGISTER More info to follow at the meeting and on www.uhnc.org. Major renovation and they want to hear from us about what we want.

  • District 4 Town Hall - Oct 27th 5:00pm-7pm, at the Hebrew Educational Alliance 3600 S Ivanhoe. There will be pizza and there will be plenty of opportunity to gather information. Meeting officially begins at 6 – prior to there is info available – check the link from our website

  • University Neighborhoods Safe Streets community meeting and update, November 3. Register for this one please. More info at https://www.uhnc.org/events

  • Check our website! We provide resources, current information and links to surveys to let your voice be heard. www.uhnc.org.

  • Talked about the two surveys active right now

Marketing and Access assistance request

  • Mailchimp and creating a UHNC newsletter – Sherry, Jenny and Liz will schedule time to learn more about how to utilize this tool.

  • Integrating our Paypal on the website – Arjay looking into his HOA – they have it on their website – he will look into – Square? Arjay committed to figuring it out

The next meeting will be November 16th and likely there will be no December meeting.

Meeting concluded at 7:20pm

Jenny and Liz