From Christie Mochoruck, DPD WW111 Contingent Worker:

Our Denver Police District 3 Officers have seen an uptick in License Plate theft from our U-Hills Neighborhood. In addition to asking residents to remove valuables from your vehicle and lock doors/close windows, Officers are now suggesting residents use theft-deterrent screws to secure vehicle license plates. Residents can go to our District 3 Station (1625 S. University Blvd between 8am and 7pm) to pick up FREE theft-deterrent screws - this offer is not available for BMW, Mini, Mercedes, Volvo & Tesla.

Residents can also purchase theft-deterrent screws from many local auto stores.

For questions or concerns relating this this matter or other non-urgent matters please contact our Denver Police Community Resource Officers - and

For Emergences, please call 911 or non-emergency 720-913-2000

Top 10 Stolen Cars in Denver

The Denver Police Department is offering free car clubs to residents on Denver's Dist 3 (along with other districts around Denver) who own one of the top 10 stolen vehicles. They encourage you to either sign up to participate (they are awaiting more clubs at this time) or purchase one on your own to discourage the theft of your vehicle. Email our Community Resource Officer Kate Young at for more information or to be put on the list.

Reminder: New Trash Collection Days Start Next Week for Most City and County of Denver Trash Collection Customers

DENVER – Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) is reminding residents to check their trash collection schedules for 2022 in advance of changes coming next week! On Monday, January 3, DOTI drivers will begin running new trash, recycling, and compost routes throughout the city to make operations more efficient and collection services more reliable and consistent, and that means new trash collection days for most Denver customers. Here’s how residents can check to see what day of the week to set out their carts starting Monday:

Miss your new trash collection day? Or forget to set out your cart? Don’t worry! Call 311 (720-913-1311) to let us know. Then set out your cart and we’ll empty it within 24-48 hours after you contact us.

It has been more than 15 years since DOTI has made significant routing adjustments while the city has grown by about 200,000 people in that same period. Updated routes will help DOTI maximize existing resources:

· Implementing denser, more compact routes to collect the additional trash that Denverites are setting out as work-from-home trends continue.

· Moving to a district approach and assigning regular staff to each district to ensure more consistency and fewer missed pickups.

· More efficient routing that will result in 62,000 fewer miles driven and reductions in fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Suspicious letter sent from Title Company

Many who live in the South West corner of our neighborhood received a letter. It brought to light an HOA was formed in the 50's that governs approx. 196 homes. The letter came from a developer who, it seems, intends to replace the single story multi-unit homes at the NW corner of Cherry and Yale with a 5 story apartment building. The developer did not initially reach out to the RNO, which in itself was a red flag for us.

As we get more information we'll list it below here:

  • The website, created by the people who sent the letter, has been updated to provide answers to many questions

  • An initial review by an attorney indicates that the covenants cannot be dissolved or modified until the year they are set to "auto-renew", 2028.

  • There has been no indication that the covenants negatively impact your property value.

  • As of now the covenants are protecting the southern edge of our neighborhood against an increase in density.

  • The Hutchinson's University Place area of UHills North has an opportunity (now that we know it exists) to update the covenants, already in place, to better reflect current neighborhood use and practice while maintaining the protections already laid out.

  • Update from the letter sender: Thank you for your communication during this process. We are cancelling the contract to purchase these lots. The City’s review of the development plan has diminished the amount of units to less than 40, making a development not feasible for the price the seller is willing to sell for. In addition, the sentiment of the neighborhood is understood and appreciated.