Oct 18, 2022 Minutes

Community meeting

Jenny, Liz, Sam Scantlin, Jody Davison, Sherry, Melissa Oakes, Paul Leone, Falene Young

Discussion items:

Near SouthEast Neighborhood Planning update

  • Reminder that these meetings are ongoing.

Denver Deserves Sidewalks campaign hits our ballots with initiative 307

  • Sam Scantlin : Overview of Denver Deserves Sidewalks campaign

    • Denver sidewalks are not wide enough, not good for people with disabilities

    • Low-income neighborhoods are most likely to have poorly maintained sidewalks

    • Currently adjacent property is required to fund repairs

    • Annual fee of about $107.50 or about $9 per month for a typical single-family home, although is subject to amount of sidewalk adjacent to your property. Note that this is less than a Netflix subscription.

    • 20% discount for properties located in targeted neighborhoods through NEST program

    • Completed within 9 years, which is in contrast with the current plan, under which sidewalks would be completed in 400 years based on current projection.

    • Managed by DOTI (Denver Dept. of Transportation)

    • Ways to support: Go to website denversidewalks.com

      • Endorse, donate, volunteer, request a yard sign

  • One community member noted that the funding may not be equitable, since some neighborhoods are under development, and the bill will be footed by the developers.

  • jill@denverstreetspartnership.org can answer questions

  • Deferral program available for those who cannot pay. Anyone can defer the fee. Do not know the nuances about that, but may bring relief. Possibly the fee may be deferred until sale of the property.

Development Plans on the RTD site at Evans

  • RTD has not agreed, but plans have been submitted for more urban density at the parking lot of the Evans RTD station

    • Councilwoman Kendra Black said this will probably never happen. Not realistic, pipe dreaming, not likely as the plan stands.

    • However, some building is likely to happen. RTD needs funding and has property available to lease. Likely to create an agreement with stipulations that support RTD’s operations and supports urban development in the area.

  • Scott Robinson presented a packet of info on what that looks like at a Neighborhood Planning Initiative meeting

  • Link on our UHNC.org website with YouTube video with slides on the Call to Action page Near Southeast plan

  • Jenny and Liz noted that there is an Excel spreadsheet on the important links page of our website with site development plans in progress that have been submitted to the city.

Retail Spotlight – if you have any suggestions for a monthly spotlight on a local business, please let us know!

Community members noted interest in the following:

  • Syrian Bakery on Colorado

  • Mosque – Islamic Center in the past had one Saturday per month where they have a social event

  • Tulip gift store

  • Jet Pizza

Survey for the new park closed recently. Keep up to date with current surveys and offerings at the Call to Action page.

Update on grant to support traffic calming, mural/public art, neighborhood organizing and engagement effort:

  • Jody has her information in a document which she can share via email. Reengaged contact at CenturyLink and if there’s still a green light on south side of Evans one or two buildings west of the light rail station for public art.

    • Clicked on some sites for grants

    • Perused lists of local street artists

  • One community member noted that VisionZero Denver did a few murals. One on Colfax at Pennsylvania of people walking/rolling/skating as an example.

Other News / Open Discussion

  • Cameron Apartments say that they are plan to be open in December and will have their website up soon

  • District 4 Town Hall will be held on October Tuesday, 25th at 5:30pm, pizza at 6pm, ends at 7:30pm. Great source of information. Kendra Black won’t run for office again. Jenny and Liz mentioned they are going to meet separately with candidates running for office to pitch our agendas to them, instead of them pitching to us.

  • Last farmer’s market is October 29th. Two more Saturdays until the end. Check it out!

  • Updates made regularly to the website. Since we don’t email people, Twitter and the UHNC.org website are the places where things will be posted in between meetings. Check there for up-to-date information.

  • Please always invite neighbors to the meetings!

  • Jenny and Liz are looking to pass the baton. They will always be 100% in with our community, but are looking for somebody new to take the lead when ready. Don’t be shy 😊

  • Jenny to reach out to Clermont Park for holiday or community events they may be hosting.