Nov 15, 2022 Minutes

Members in attendance:

Jenny Neuhalfen, Liz Davis, Sherry Brockgeitens, Steve Arnold, Paul Leone, Falene Young, Melissa Oakes

Guests in attendance:

Isabelle Duhot from On2Homes, Avi Stopper from VAMOS

On2Home – Company Spotlight

  • On2Homes provides a pathway for affordable home ownership. 2 bed/2 bath and 3 bed/2 bath modular homes are built in an offsite facility and brought to specific locations. No properties are planned for Denver currently. Present project is a 96-home plot in Green Valley Ranch. Chose headquarters for their showroom in U Hills North because of convenient location to buyers from neighboring communities. Homes are in the $300,000’s.

  • All are welcome to come in and see the virtual reality presentation in the showroom.

  • Homes are electric based with other high energy features such as electric car plug ins. They also have resources for solar energy if desired.


  • This initiative has been working to establish a low-stress bike network in Denver for the last 4 years, accessible through a virtual bike map.

  • Routes use quiet neighborhood streets that cross through neighborhoods, typically not main thoroughfares that may cause anxiety or prove to be less accessible.

  • Initiative is projected to cost ¼ of the cost of the Broadway bike lanes. First stage could be available and finished in early 2023.

  • The City has already committed to having a high-comfort network within ¼ mile of everybody’s home.

  • Information can be obtained at

  • Currently asking businesses to post in social media or newsletter with people at their location, encouraging people to bike to their business. This will spread the word in a grass-roots fashion, making bikes fun.

  • Community member question: What kind of support do you have from Denver?

    • Work with all the main groups: Denver Streets Initiative, DOTI, Mobility Justice groups, etc. to identify challenges and create solutions, etc.

  • VAMOS also takes groups out on rides to show how the city can be accessed by bike in a fun and friendly way.

    • Individual and community bike rides are available. Happy to accommodate a U Hills North bike ride if there is interest.

Near Southeast Neighborhood Plan

  • A neighborhood draft will be up in the coming weeks and would like to present on their initiative in the second week of December, so they can get back the info prior to mid-January so they can propose a draft update. Interest was shown by several community members for an additional community meeting.

Political Candidates

  • There are historically lots of invites for mayoral and council candidates who want to present to the group. Traditionally UHNC has stayed out of the political realm.

  • Community members decided that instead of having the whole group attend meetings, we could have a Google form that community members can write our tough questions on, so candidates may reply at will if desired. Jody to put it up on the website.

U Hills Holiday Market this Sunday, 11/20 from 10am-1pm. Where Modern Bungalo used to be, inside.

Urban Beautification Mural Project

Jodi revisited the conversation with the Century Link building. They will not give permission without mockups. Artists can’t give mockups without funding, creating a catch 22.

Streetwise Arts has given a few creative pointers. Here are the opportunities:

  • Brainstorm public sponsors - another great local small business engagement

  • Brainstorm messaging, identify who among us is the most colorful writer, script a mini-blurb or elevator pitch

  • Review creative websites (Crush, Babewals, etc) and come to the next meeting with 3-5 of your favorite artists or image examples

  • Search for Mural art applications

    • Draft our application with this our elevator pitch: consider copying 40West’s artist application

  • Send all sample / boilerplate text to Jody for storage and re-use

  • Use the elevator pitch and already created materials to apply for a grant

  • Perhaps lean more on community impact and community engagement

    • Look at gentrification, history of the area, people get pushed out as real estate increases

    • Community-aware

Voting Items

Jody moves that we approve the minutes for September and October. Steve seconds. Meeting notes approved.