University Hills North Community

Neighborhood Notice:

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@UHills_North or University Hills North Community (FB)

If you are new to our neighborhood or just now finding out about our Registered Neighborhood Organization and would like to hear about what's going on in our neighborhood send us a email and request to be on our mailing list (email) , let us know where you live so we know whether you are a UHNC resident or a neighbor to UHNC.

Our next annual neighborhood meeting is just around the corner. Please make sure you are on our email list so you are sure to get the meeting time and location specifics.

Monthly, open, board meeting dates are listed below. If you cannot attend but would like your voice heard and represented please email us at

Liz and Jenny

Upcoming 2020 Dates: Neighbors welcome to join and share

Tuesday Sept 15th 6pm - Zoom

Annual Meeting - TBD

subsequent meetings will be emailed out on put on Facebook and Twitter


Follow the rezoning requests in Denver, particularly in our neighborhood. Check back regularly for the hearing schedule so you can voice your support or opposition to certain proposed developments.

Other helpful links to follow development plans and zoning in Denver.

Want updates on current Denver Public Works projects?



Hey residents - please remember:

Also note, Denver Academy and Clermont Park Community are private properties - please be courteous about your pets on these properties - they'd hate to have to "put up fences" but they have conveyed a problem with increased violations on their properties - let's all be good neighbors!


The results of our spring 2016 UHNC neighborhood visioning workshops and surveys have been summarized and are presented in the report prepared by the University of Colorado Masters in Regional and Urban Planning (MRUP) students assisting us with the process - check it out on the Neighborhood Plan page.