University Hills North Community

Neighborhood Notice:


Our annual neighborhood meeting has been scheduled! Please plan to attend May 9th 6:30-7pm. See more details below.


We are excited to announce that we received a grant from Vision Zero Denver to implement a pop up traffic calming community project! This event will be held on June 1st. Check back - we will provide updates and let you know how you can be a part, and when to expect to see something on Yale.

University Hills North Community Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO) is 100% volunteer led and donation based. Our mission is to create an active and engaged voice for our community.

We envision a community with a collective voice that remains one step ahead of rapid change, protecting connections to our abundant local retail and transit.

Welcome to the University Hills North Community (UHNC) (formerly Warrens University Community Council, WUCC) website. UHNC is a Denver Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO) that in conjunction with WUCC has been in existence since 1978.

UHNC is the City and County of Denver Registered Neighborhood Organization for the area bounded by S Colorado Blvd on the west, I-25 to the north and east and Yale Ave on the south. UHNC is a "sub-set" of University Hills statistical neighborhood - as its name implies, UHNC focuses on the northern portion of University Hills.


Help University Hills North Build A Park

You live in University Hills North and our neighborhood has a Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO).

University Hills North Community (UHNC) our RNO, is bound by Yale Ave, Colorado Blvd and I-25.

Our neighborhood needs a park. UHNC is advocating for any size of land to make a park for our community, but we need your help!

You can make it happen! Denver’s Mayor and City Council need to hear your personal stories about why you want a park. Visit the “Calls to Action” page on the UHNC website ( for more details about what to say and where to send your requests. Or, email your RNO co-presidents at for specific details.

Other ways to get involved:

Come to the next UHNC board meeting

Apr 23 : 6-7:30pm UHills Library large meeting room

Inform your neighbors

Donate to the Denver Parks Foundation (

Send us your email address to stay involved (

Let’s not let this opportunity slip away.


Upcoming 2018 Dates:Neighbors welcome to join and share

Apr 23: 6-7:30pm UHills Library large meeting room

May 21: 6-7:30pm UHills Library large meeting room

Jun 18: 6-7:30pm UHills Library large meeting room

subsequent meetings likely 3rd Tuesday


Annual Neighborhood Meeting!

May 9th, 2019 - 6:30-7:30pm - in the basement of Hope Fellowship Church, 2400 S Ash Street; sign-in begins at 6:00pm


Construction On Yale Ave, Dahlia to I-25


Best place to find the most current construction update on a weekly basis:


The city-wide updating of Blueprint Denver and the Game Plan along with making new Denver Moves: Transit and Denver Moves: Pedestrian and Trails Plans is now underway! Observe task force meetings; complete online surveys; participate in workshops; signup for email newsletters; follow on Twitter, Facebook - so many ways to get your voice out! NOW is the time! Go the Denver official page for all the info - bookmark it! There are opportunities to give feedback/ comments at the different stages of development of these plans so just be sure to review progress and give more comments as the plans develop!


Hey residents - please remember:

Also note, Denver Academy and Clermont Park Community are private properties - please be courteous about your pets on these properties - they'd hate to have to "put up fences" but they have conveyed a problem with increased violations on their properties - let's all be good neighbors!


The results of our spring 2016 UHNC neighborhood visioning workshops and surveys have been summarized and are presented in the report prepared by the University of Colorado Masters in Regional and Urban Planning (MRUP) students assisting us with the process - check it out on the Neighborhood Plan page.