Rezoning Application for 4300 East Warren and 4275 East Iliff Ave

Post date: Mar 6, 2014 9:19:28 PM

A rezoning application (attached below) has been formally submitted to Denver and was heard at the March 19, 2014 Planning Board hearing. The WUCC board voted 4 to 1 to approve this rezoning with comments. The Planning Board voted unanimously to approve the rezoning. This property includes the Denver Realtors office on Warren and the apartment building on Iliff just west of Groundcovers.

The applicant is asking for rezoning so the Denver Realtor building can be sold to the Primrose School and they can reduce the parking spaces and use that space for playgrounds for the school (daycare). Because this lot is part of a PUD (Planned Unit Development) that includes the apartment property to the south, the applicant is rezoning both parcels to a zone district that will allow both the school and the apartment uses. **There is more important discussion in the two pdf reports at the bottom of this page - available for reading or download - they include the applicant's report and Denver Planning Department staff report.**

Usually Denver Planning likes to rezone to match surrounding zone districts. The figure below shows the properties as PUD 205.

The zone district to the north is G-MU-3, better known as "General Urban Neighborhood Context Multi-Unit-3 stories". The zone districts each side are E-MX-3,"Urban Edge Neighborhood Context Mixed-Use-3 stories". The zone district to the south is S-SU-D, "Suburban Neighborhood Context Single Unit,D" (the D means minimum lot size of 6,000 sf).

Ideally the Urban Edge context offers a transition zone from the General Urban to the Suburban residential context. But there is no E-MU-3 (only 2.5, which doesn't work with for the existing apartment building). So Denver Planning proposed G-MU-3.

Following the Planning board hearing, the rezoning application was referred to Land Use, Transportation & Infrastructure (LUTI) Meeting on April 1. A City Council hearing was held May 12, 2014 - City Council unanimously approved the rezoning with one abstain.