Neighborhood Safety & Block Coordinators

Working with Denver Police Department

UHNC is committed to safety through community involvement. Denver Police Department works closely with UHNC - phone numbers for non-emergency Denver police issues are included on the City Resources page but as a reminder,

call 720-913-2000 to report non-emergency suspicious people or vehicles

What can you do?

*Denver Police Department communicates using as a neighborhood specific social media method - if you're not registered on it maybe you have a neighbor who is and who can keep you updated on any safety/police items.

*DPD is on Twitter - follow them (@DenverPolice) and you'll get timely postings!

* Attend the monthly CAB (Citizen Advisory Board) meetings at District 3 headquarters (1625 S University) the first monday evening of every month (6pm). The Commander speaks to the neighborhood attendees about specific crime & safety concerns. Open to all!

* Serve as a Block Coordinator. When issues arise that maybe don't warrant informing the whole neighborhood the Community Resource Officer (CRO) can coordinate with block coordinators to assist and inform the residents on a block by block basis.

Here's Some Good Resources!

the links to the PDF files for these are at the bottom of this page - it is recommended to download the files first - they are filled with alot of good information so there are alot of pages!

If you're not sure what constitutes "suspicious" behavior to report the Denver Police Neighborhood Watch document has some good information.