Zoning & Planning Resource Documents

There are many documents the City uses (and produces!) around zoning, planning and development. Here is a listing - we have not posted them all here as it would be too much but let a UHNC board member know if you need help obtaining one off the City of Denver website.The documents include:

  • Denver Comprehensive Plan 2000 : A Vision for Denver and its People (266 pages)
  • Blueprint Denver : An Integrated Land Use and Transportation Plan (2010, 202 pages)
  • Denver Strategic Transportation Plan (2008, 51 pages)
  • Denver Strategic Parking Plan (2010, 75 pages)
  • Colorado Station GDP and Colorado Center Urban Design Standards and Guidelines (2008, 14 plan sheets, 59 pages)
  • Denver Parks and Recreation - The Game Plan (2007, 224 pages)
  • Denver Bicycle Master Plan Update (2001, 96 pages)
  • Denver Moves - Multi-Use Connections (2011, 46 pages)
  • Denver Dog Park Master Plan & Policy (2010, 46 pages)
  • Denver Cultural Plan - Imagine 2020 (2014, 49 pages)
  • Denver Auditor - An Impact Report for the Citizenry (2014, 65 pages)
  • Denver 2010 Zoning Code

(These documents are rather large so it may take awhile to download the pdf file. And because they have so many pages they do not lend themselves to printing out to read. One option for all the "techies" out there is to read these pdfs using either an Adobe Reader app, Kindle app, or Google Book app on their tablet or e-reader - use the Amazon "send to kindle" app found at www.amazon.com/gp/sendtokindle - go to play.google.com/books when signed into your account and use the upload button in top right ).