Residential Parking & Traffic

Problems with residential parking and traffic have been noted in the UHNC community. Several sources have been defined:

  1. Nighttime parking from nearby hookah bar establishments
  2. RTD light rail riders parking in north part of neighborhood
  3. Mosque service parking
  4. School dropoff/pickup ( Denver Academy)
  5. Clermont Park construction/ employee parking in resident areas

UHNC is actively working on these issues - the progress to date for each area:

  1. A residential parking permit program has been put into effect for areas of South Ash, Iliff and South Bellaire affected by the parking of the hookah bar. This was the result of several years of working to find a solution to this issue - success! Nearby streets (Warren, Birch, Wesley) will be monitored to see if the impact is diverted into the neighborhood. See the area map provided by the City shown below.
  1. RTD is exploring allowing commercial operators to operate additional parking areas for light rail near the Colorado Station. UHNC is continuing to follow the situation.
  2. The mosque is providing additional service times thus distributing attendance. Also, they are providing valet parking and attempting to provide parking guidance. UHNC is continuing to follow the situation.
  3. The schools have responded quickly to parking concerns - UHNC will continue to follow the situation.
  4. The construction is complete for Clermont Park - UHNC will continue to monitor to see the end of construction will also fix the employee parking situation.

There has been concern expressed about the increase in traffic in the neighborhood. UHNC will continue to work on problem areas so let us know if you notice any issues. Please remember to do your part - if you live at a corner make sure corner vegetation is trimmed so people turning can see oncoming traffic and don't park too close to the corner.