Neighborhood Park?

Here's a start to assist with the conversation of getting a park in our neighborhood, the north end of University Hills. Some background information that may relate to the issue is provided -

Does the City have a plan for a park in our neighborhood?

Time to check all the plans and policies the City uses! Since we do not (yet!) have a Neighborhood Plan, the City will first look to Comprehensive Plan 2000 and Blueprint Denver (2010) - any policies there that support or provide reasons for a park in our neighborhood? What about Denver Parks' Game Plan (2007)?

The Colorado Station General Development Plan(GDP), 2008, sheet 8, shows a conceptual plan for an open space area of about 1.5 acres at South Birch and East Warren Avenue - but it also notes that "open space locations and configurations are conceptual in nature and do not represent exact locations or sizes".

Can a lot be turned into a park?

Changing the current use of any piece of property is a zoning question - the current zoning designation needs to be checked to see if it allows the proposed use change. Some use changes are allowed under the zoning designation, some aren't. If the use is not allowed under the current designation, the property would need to be rezoned. It's best to find a lot that has a current zoning designation that allows for parks. The Denver Zoning Code and maps make up three 3-inch binders (31MB file) - it's often not a quick answer or phone call !