Neighborhood Issues

Here are some current neighborhood issues - each topic has their own page with more information which may include attachments and/or links. If the issue is an active one, we may have more information on "Neighborhood Events".

Information collection and documentation is the best first step if you perceive an "issue". Try and get the "what, where, when, who" information together before contacting the UHNC (or others) for assistance. This website also contains some information and resources that may be required to evaluate the issue. Please feel free to contact any of the UHNC Board members or key contacts for assistance.

A Neighborhood Park?

There are some residents interested in exploring getting a neighborhood park in our community, walkable without crossing Yale or Colorado Blvd. Here's some resources the UHNC board can assist with and a webpage presence for discussions.

Residential Parking & Neighborhood Traffic

Some portions of our community have been experiencing parking and traffic problems. In fall 2013 UHNC was able to mitigate one issue by implementing a residential parking permit program for several residential blocks (S 2300 blocks of Ash and Bellaire Streets). WUCC continues to work with both RTD and Clermont Park on their different parking impacts to the neighborhood.

Zoning, Planning & Development

This page includes information regarding current specific plans in place affecting our neighborhood, including Colorado Station General Development Plan (which extends south to Warren Ave) and the Yale Station Plan in addition to the general ones for Denver (Blueprint Denver, etc). While a neighborhood specific plan has not been developed for Warrens University Community or for University Hills, we've included the plan prepared for University Park to the east as an example of neighborhood planning - WUCC is currently considering working with UHNA to develop a small neighborhood plan given the "Area of Change" designation for the portion of the neighborhood north of Iliff by Blueprint Denver. Stay tuned for more information on this effort!


Yes, there is urban wildlife! And we've included a page with various information from Colorado Department of Wildlife on how best to co-exist with our urban wildlife friends. Please direct new neighbors to the possibility of coyotes and foxes.