Calls To Action


In conjunction with Blueprint Denver, Denveright's city plan remains open to feedback until Oct 31, 2018 to be included in the 2040 plan. We urge residents to visit and take the survey. While on the sight navigate through, lots to look at.

Neighborhood Plan

In an environment of rapid change, it's important our community form a collective voice for what is best for residents. We advocate for proper infrastructure that keeps current with development. We invite neighbors to join in any board meetings and encourage participation at denvergov neighborhood toolkit at

Have your voice heard directly on our call for a local park!

A top priority in our community is attaining and protecting green space. Our councilwoman, Kendra Black, affirms this and urges neighbors to add to our collective voice at Denver Parks Foundation Fund. NEWLY ANNOUNCED: $50,000 match made available for donors!

UHills North Board has sought the most effective way to join the call for green space in our community. Write a letter and send it with the following instructions. OR Send your letter to UHills board and let us take care of the rest! We'll share some examples with your permission.

Denver needs 1,000 new acres of parkland just to keep up with the population growth. That is a tall task, but one that all of us can start working toward right away. The health and well being of residents depends on it. We are actively raising money from philanthropic organizations, corporations and individuals. Please consider making a donation. To do so, visit this link to the Denver Parks Foundation Fund at The Denver Foundation and/or write your letter and urge neighbors to also do so:

Points to include:

  • our community is bordered by I-25, Evans, Yale, and Colorado Blvd, all very difficult for pedestrians to cross.
  • two light rail stations (Colorado and Yale)
  • our nearest park is a 20 min walk, requires crossing Colorado Blvd - a very busy state highway
  • many single family homes, lots of new development
  • this year, hundreds of new residents, ultimately thousands
  • Existing zone districts allow for this new development and include: S-MX 5, G-MU-3, G-MU-8, S-MX-5, S-CC-5, S-SU-D
  • Trust for Public Land recommends this neighborhood needs a park
  • there is no public space for community members to enjoy without a park

Letters can all emailed, mailed or both. or sent to UHills North Board

Copy the text below to address your letter to: Councilwoman Kendra Black, Members of the Denver City Council, Mayor Michael B. Hancock, Parks Director Happy Haynes and Parks Deputy Director Scott Gilmore.


Flynn, Kevin J. - CC Member Denver City Cncl <>; Lopez, Paul D. - CC Member Denver City Cncl <>; Black, Kendra A. - CC Member Denver City Cncl <>; Susman, Mary Beth - CC Member Denver City Cncl <>; Kashmann, Paul J. - CC Member Denver City Cncl <>; Clark, Jolon M. - CC XA1405 President Denver City Council <>; Herndon, Christopher J. - CC Member Denver City Cncl <>; Brooks, Albus - CC XA1404 Member Denver City Council <>; New, Wayne C. - CC Member Denver City Cncl <>; Gilmore, Stacie M. - CC Member Denver City Cncl <>; Ortega, Deborah L. - CC Member Denver City Cncl <>; Kniech, Robin L. - CC Member Denver City Cncl <>; Espinoza, Rafael G. - CC Member Denver City Cncl;;


City & County Building, 1437 Bannock Street, 4th Floor, Denver 80202

Mayor’s Office, City & County Building, 1437 Bannock Street, 3rd Floor, Denver 80203

Denver Parks & Recreation, 201 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80202

UHNC Neighborhood Organization, 2306 S Colorado Blvd. #257, Denver CO 80222

Letters sent to the neighborhood organization will be added to a collective presentation book for Kendra Black, City Council District 4, and shared with all contacts above