UHNC Neighborhood Plan

The University Hills North Community has long sought a neighborhood plan from the City (also called a "small area plan" in Blueprint Denver terms). Small area plans address localized unique issues while considering city-wide context and city-wide goals and issues. University Hills does not have (and never has had) a small area plan - similar to the 50% of neighborhoods in Denver without plans. Given the proportion of "areas of change" and rate of new development in UHNC a small area plan is warranted, although the City will not be initiating new plans until after summer 2016. Since change and development is not waiting, the UHNC board decided to also not wait and sought non-City resources to begin a neighborhood visioning process prior to the City planning process.

In spring 2016 a University of Colorado Denver master class in Regional and Urban Planning (MRUP) helped us start the neighborhood planning process with a visioning process. Check out the results and summary below in their attached report! It's just the very first step in a long process - but it's a great start that we hope to build upon!