General Information

UHNC Facts

UHNC has been a Denver Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO) since 1978, growing out of the Warrens University Homeowners Association that began in the 1960's. Prior to 2015, UHNC went by the name of WUCC, Warrens University Community Council. UHNC is organized as a 501(c)(4) not for profit organization.

UHNC Geographic Boundaries

UHNC is bounded by I-25 to the north and east, Colorado Boulevard to the west and Yale Ave to the south (map of UHNC).

UHNC is a northern subset of the Denver statistical neighborhood of "University Hills". Additionally, the University Hills Neighborhood Association (UHNA) includes most of UHNC except for the portion north of Evans Ave (Colorado Center). The boundaries of UHNC match Denver Precinct 320 in Council District 6 (the southern boundary of District 6 is Yale Ave.)

For a more complete discussion of the Registered Neighborhood Organizations and Statistical Neighborhoods, see the RNOs & Statistical Neighborhoods page.

UHNC Benefits

  • Monitoring of Zoning and Licensing Issues for the Neighborhood
  • Enhancing Public Safety
  • Facilitating Communication among Residents and Community Businesses
  • Representing UHNC in Denver City Organizations (such as the Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation)

Some recent council accomplishments include:

  • response to rezoning of 4300 E Warren/ 4275 E Iliff - provided RNO response to Planning Board and gave testimony at Planning Board meeting - RNO was in favor but also related some concerns
  • response to liquor license at 2186 S Colorado Blvd - provided RNO response and gave testimony at license hearing - WUCC presented objections due to past liquor related problems in area - license was granted and WUCC will work together with owners to correct problems if occur
  • response to marijuana license at 2420 S Colorado Blvd - provided RNO response and gave testimony at license hearing (second hearing in history at Denver) - license was denied due to not meeting Denver (federal) distance to school criteria (was too close to 3 schools, as evidenced by WUCC)
  • worked extensively with Denver Police to get a residential parking permit program in place to remedy parking disturbances in the neighborhood due to late night bar activities.