Archived Past Meetings

May 2015

There was a fantastic turnout for the annual neighborhood meeting on May 14, 2015 (it's required by the By Laws to hold it on the second thursday of May) - 99 attendees is pretty close to 100 !!! And there was some great discussion -

We were introduced to our new district city councilperson-elect, Kendra Black.

Commander Montoya gave a crime and safety update - we heard about difficulties about obtaining resident parking permits on Ash and Bellaire - we're working on it.

Mike Ross introduced the neighborhood committee undertaking the task of getting a park for our neck of the woods - alot of work to do! And there were speakers from the development projects: Carl Koelbel from Koelbel spoke on the affordable apartment buildings under construction at Yale Station and Lisa Evans from Century Communities spoke on the possible/planned townhome development planned for the Van Dellen school site (she did note they has not closed on the property yet). We'll be adding some pages to this website to keep everyone updated on these developments!

Concerns from the residents ranged from the density of development, what that means for open space/park opportunities, loss of historical trees, lack of accessible sidewalks, traffic in and around the neighborhood, crime/safety and parking. The neighborhood is starting to see development pressure especially since the north portion of neighborhood is defined as "an area of change" in Blueprint Denver and we don't have a neighborhood plan.

And our beloved president, Arlis, announced she will be leaving the board since she is moving out of the neighborhood -

Volunteers signed up for the park search committee and for the board - we'll keep everyone posted on activities on this website - stay tuned!

Oct 2014 Fall Meeting

Our "almost traditional" fall meeting was held Oct 2, 2014. Postcards were again mailed out.

The meeting focused on safety and crime prevention for our neighborhood. We had some very good speakers from the Consumer Fraud protection department of the Denver District Attorney office and a community resource officer from Denver Police. It takes all of us together to keep our neighborhood safe and healthy! Not many people turned up to talk about a neighborhood park but the board will continue to explore some options.

May 2014 Annual Meeting

The annual WUCC spring meeting for 2014 was held May 8, 2014. Postcards informing all residents in the RNO boundary were mailed out - those in attendance thought this worked well. If flyers are distributed, they cannot be placed in mailboxes and therefore often end up blowing away. (And it does cost WUCC for the mailing.)

A newsletter was provided to all who attended outlining all the past year activities of the neighborhood organization - it was a busy year with referrals on retail marijuana licenses, liquor licenses and rezoning applications! (You can download the newsletter at the bottom on this page).

May 2013 Annual Meeting

Our last annual spring meeting was in May 2013 - another good turnout!

Some of the key items discussed included parking issues, traffic through the neighborhood,plans for construction nearby, commercial/ business developments, residential parking permit program to control overnight hookah bar parking in the neighborhood, new businesses opening in the area, possible development at Dickenson Place property and a call for new board members.

May 2012 Annual Meeting

June 2011 Annual Meeting

Even though the meeting had a small turnout on June 16, 2011, we had some notable visitors to talk to the neighborhood community. Charlie Brown came and talked about some of the upcoming challenges to Denver City Council due to the economy. His office puts out a newsletter (called "The E-mail Express) and he allowed us to provide a link to his website ( see City Resources). Some concerns talked about with Charlie included reducing hours for our well-used Ross-Uhills library - he said he has heard those concerns.

The other visitor to the meeting was the police department who included the district commandant and the community resource officer. General community updates from the police department are open to the public the 1st thursday of the month, 6pm - 645pm at the station at University and I-25. They stated the number one problem in our neighborhood is property crimes, primarily robbery from vehicles. They discussed how the neighborhood can help and get help on nuisance abatement issues.

Other items discussed at the meeting included:

  • an update on the East Evans Beautification Project
  • a request to the WUCC for a response on proposed rezoning of the previous Enterprise Rental Car property on Warrens Ave to CMX-5 - this will allow a five story structure - there are no specific plans right now but the property owner is asking the city for rezoning. Community members present eligible to vote voted affirmation of this proposed rezoning.
  • there was a request about having a neighborhood block party, closing off a street - there are no present plans and such block parties do not require approval from the neighborhood although they require city permits - the voting members present decided against having a WUCC endorsed block party with a middle east theme.