Board of Directors

UHNC Board of Directors & Other Key Contacts

The UHNC Board has seven directors, each elected for a period of two years, elected at the Annual Meeting. Of the seven directors, the officers shall consist of a president, a vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer. The officers and their email contact information is noted below.

As specific issues come up in the neighborhood, there may be other volunteers who lead those efforts - check the Neighborhood Issues pages for their contact information. UHNC respects and protects the privacy of our volunteers so you may still have to first contact a director in order to get in contact with another volunteer working on your area of concern.

UHNC Meetings

The UHNC Board typically meets a minimum of twice a year - but has been meeting about once a month due to the number of the items recently needing their attention. The Board has one open, all members, neighborhood meeting per year, usually the second thursday of May (Annual Meeting, per the By Laws). All the meetings are open to the neighborhood public - please inform the board ahead of time if you'd like to attend as the board just meets casually at local establishments without much additional room.


The UHNC/Warrens University Community Council most current by-laws is included on a "By Laws" page. Over the lifetime of the council since its inception these by-laws have had several revisions. Based on the change of name from WUCC to UHNC in January 2015 these By-Laws need to be updated and the board is working on that.

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